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1. When a pair of birds was set aside and one of them flew away, that bird can be replaced by another bird.
2. The Mishnah discusses at length cases of several women offering multiple birds that become mixed together.
3. The Mishnah discusses a case of two women with four birds each, and what happens if one woman's bird flies into the other's group and is unrecognizable.
4. If a bird flies back into the first woman's group, both women may offer only one Olah and one Chatas.

5. The Mishnah discusses the law of a bird from a non-designated pair that flew into a pair of birds that had been designated.


1. This law applies only when the birds had not yet been declared to be an Olah or a Chatas, or when they had been so declared but it was clear which one flew away. In such a case, we do not say that since the birds were a pair the remaining bird is invalidated as a Korban when one flies away.

2. The Chachamim discuss how many birds each woman can offer from her group of birds if a bird from her group either flies to another group or another woman's bird flies into her group.
3. In this case, the woman who has three birds left can offer only one bird as a Chatas and one as an Olah. This is because by offering the third bird as a Chatas, for example, she is going to cause its pair to have the status of an Olah. Since it is possible that the bird was already brought as a Chatas, we do not allow the third bird to be offered (if the five birds of the other woman were already offered, -Rosh).
4. The third Korban in each group causes its pair to have the opposite status.
5. When the non-designated bird became mixed with the pair of designated, it became unclear which of the pair was the bird that was designated as the Olah and which as the Chatas. Accordingly, another bird can be taken to be a pair for the remaining non-designated bird, and the others must die since they are mixed together and two of them are already designated (as either an Olah or a Chatas).

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