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1. There is a dispute about whether an idol that became broken by itself is considered nullified.

2. Chicks and eggs in a nest of an Asheirah tree or a Hekdesh tree are subject to different laws.
3. Me'ilah applies to wood of Hekdesh used to make beams. Me'ilah also applies to usable parts of the wood that were cut off while shaping the beams.
4. The materials used for the building of the Beis ha'Mikdash were considered unconsecrated until the work was finished.
5. Rav Papa gives a different reason for why the materials used for building the Beis ha'Mikdash remained unconsecrated until the work was finished.


1. While a Nochri who breaks an idol to show that it is not a god has nullified it, there is a dispute about whether the idol is nullified when it broke without human assistance. Rebbi Yochanan says that it remains forbidden since it was not actively nullified by a Nochri. Reish Lakish says that it is a valid nullification since anyone who sees it will say, "If it couldn't save itself, then it certainly can't save me!"

2. The chicks move freely and therefore are not subject to the same law as the tree. The eggs cannot move, and therefore are subject to the same law as the tree.
3. However, Me'ilah does not apply to the shavings of the wood that come off while the wood is shaped into beams. It also does not apply to the leaves that jut out of the wood or branch.
4. Shmuel explains that the treasury of the Beis ha'Mikdash refrained from consecrating the materials in order to be able to pay the workers their wages from money that was unconsecrated (as explained at length in the Gemara).
5. Rav Papa says that if the materials would have been consecrated while the work was being done, there would have been a risk that one of the workers might benefit from the materials in some way and thereby transgressing Me'ilah.

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