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1. Rebbi Reuven ben Istrobli posed as a Nochri in order to cause the government to rescind its anti-Torah edicts.
2. After discovering that Rebbi Reuven was actually a Jew, they reinstated the decrees.
3. Rebbi Shimon ben Yochai together with Rebbi Eliezer b'Rebbi Yosi eventually caused the decrees to be rescinded permanently.
4. While Rebbi Eliezer was in the Roman emperor's treasure house, he saw the Paroches of the Beis ha'Mikdash.
5. Pigul and Nosar do not combine to make a Shi'ur for Tum'ah, but they do combine for the transgression against eating Pigul or Nosar.


1. For example, in response to the law forcing Jews to work on Shabbos he said, "If someone has an enemy and he wants to impoverish him, it is better that he should not let his enemy work on Shabbos so that he will not earn money during that time!" Thereupon, the Romans rescinded the decree.
2. Although Rebbi Reuven had his hair cut in a typically Nochri style in order to carry out his mission, they somehow discovered that he was a Jew.
3. They accomplished this with the help of a demon named Ben Tamalyon who went to the princess and caused her to become insane. Rebbi Shimon and Rebbi Eliezer went to the palace and called out, "Ben Tamalyon leave! Ben Tamalyon leave!" The king, in a display of gratitude, told them they could take anything they wanted from his treasure house. They found these decrees and ripped them up, thereby nullifying them.
4. He related that he saw the scattered drops of blood from the Korbanos of Yom Kippur, indicating that the Kohen Gadol did not place all of the blood on one area, but rather he cast it with his finger onto the Paroches.
5. This is derived from the verse, "It should not be eaten, for it is holy." This indicates that all consecrated objects (including Kodshim that became disqualified, such as Pigul and Nosar) combine to make one who eats them liable. (See Rashi, who discusses the various possible combinations and liabilities.)

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