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ME'ILAH 12 - Dedicated l'Zechut Refu'ah Shleimah for Elisheva Chaya bat Leah. Dedicated by Michael Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Ethan Steinberg.


1. Rebbi Shimon: Turtledoves that are too young to be offered as Korbanos are subject to the law of Me'ilah.
2. Before an animal consecrated as a Korban is slaughtered, its blood is subject to the law of Me'ilah.
3. The Gemara explains why Me'ilah applies to the blood let from the Korban, but not to its milk.
4. The Mishnah differentiates between milk and eggs produced by animals and birds consecrated as Korbanos, and milk and eggs that are consecrated to Hekdesh themselves.
5. If the animals and birds (see #4) were consecrated in order to be sold and their proceeds used to buy a Korban, then Me'ilah applies to their milk and eggs.


1. Rebbi Shimon maintains (unlike the Mishnah on 11b) that Me'ilah applies to anything consecrated as a Korban, even if it is presently too young to be offered. This is because it will eventually become fit to be offered as a Korban.

2. If a person lets blood of an animal consecrated as a Korban, he may not benefit from that blood, and he transgresses Me'ilah by doing so.
3. An animal cannot live without its blood, and thus the blood is like the animal itself. In contrast, the animal can live without its milk.
4. While one is not allowed to benefit from the milk and eggs produced from animals and birds that were consecrated as Korbanos, Me'ilah does not apply to them they are not fit to be offered as Korbanos themselves (and therefore they do not have the same degree of sanctity). In contrast, Me'ilah does apply to the milk and eggs that came from animals and birds that were consecrated solely for their monetary value, since the milk and eggs have monetary value just as the animals and birds from which they came.
5. This is because the animal was consecrated only for its monetary value, even though the purpose of the consecrated animal is to eventually bring a Korban with its value (see #4).

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