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NIDAH 67 (8 Av) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Mrs. Lily (Leah bas Pinchas) Kornfeld, who passed away on 8 Av 5765. Dedicated by their daughter and son-in-law, Diane and Andy Koenigsberg and family. May her and her husband's love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael continue in all of her descendants.


1. Rav Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak: A woman should not immerse at a port.
2. Rami bar Aba: A scab of a wound from the letting of blood is not a Chatzitzah for the first three days after the wound was made.
3. Mar Ukva: Emissions that come out of a woman's eyes are not a Chatzitzah when wet.
4. Rebbi Yitzchak gives a general definition for a Chatzitzah.
5. There is a dispute in the Gemara about when a Nidah immerses.


1. This is because there is often a lot of mud in the water which will cause a Chatzitzah (an interruption between the water and her body).
2. This is because the wound is fresh, and the hard scab does not form until after three days pass. After three days pass, the scab is a Chatzitzah.
3. Rebbi Yochanan: A woman who opens her eyes widely or shuts them tightly while immersing is not considered to have immersed.
4. If most of the area has a Chatzitzah and one does not want it to be there, it is a Chatzitzah according to Torah law. If it is a minority of the area but he does not want it to be there, or if it is a majority of the area but he does not care if it is there, it is a Chatzitzah according to Rabbinic law.
5. Rav: She immerses at night if she is going at the first possible opportunity, and she goes either during the day or at night if she is not going on time. Rebbi Yochanan: She goes only at night, since we do not want her daughter to learn from her and assume that she can go during the day. The daughter might think that she may immerse on the seventh day and not the eighth. Rav later retracted his opinion.

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