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KERISUS 20 (10 Elul) - This Daf has been dedicated in memory of Sheina Basha (daughter of Yakov and Dora) Zuckerman, who passed away on 10 Elul, by her children and sons in law.


1. If a person intended, on Shabbos, to light or extinguish candle A, and instead he lit or extinguished candle B, he is exempt.

2. If he intended to first light candle A and then extinguish B, but instead he first extinguished B and then lit A, his liability depends on how his acts were done.
3. There is a dispute about why the prohibition of lighting a fire on Shabbos is mentioned explicitly in the Torah, while most other Melachos of Shabbos are not mentioned explicitly.
4. The Mishnah discusses when one is liable for transgressing the Torah prohibition against eating blood.
5. The Mishnah discusses when one is not liable for transgressing the Torah prohibition against eating blood.


1. This is because he is considered Mis'asek; he intended to do Melachah with one object and mistakenly did it with a different object.

2. If he accomplished both acts in one breath -- for example, while blowing he extinguished one candle and blew a flame to the other, he is liable. His intent was indeed fulfilled in one action, albeit in reverse order. However, if he achieved the two outcomes in separate breaths, he is not liable, since he is considered Mis'asek in each action.
3. Rebbi Yosi: This teaches that unlike other Melachos, lighting a fire is a negative prohibition not punishable by death. Rebbi Tzadok: This teaches that each Melachah of Shabbos is considered an independent prohibition. Therefore, one who does four or five different Melachos on Shabbos accidentally must bring four or five Korbenos Chatas.
4. One is liable for eating blood that comes from an animal or bird, whether Kosher or non-Kosher. It must be blood that, if lost, causes the animal or bird to die (as explained further in the Gemara).
5. Blood from the spleen or heart of animals or birds, in addition to all blood from grasshoppers, fish, and people, is not prohibited by the Torah.

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