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1. If a person accidentally has relations with his sister who is also his father's sister and his mother's sister, he must bring three Korbenos Chatas.
2. If a person accidentally had relations with his five wives who were all Nidos, and then he realized that he sinned, he must bring five separate Korbenos Chatas.
3. The Gemara discusses a person who has multiple acts of relations with one woman who is forbidden to him before he realizes that she is forbidden.
4. A limb that falls off of a living person or animal is Tamei (like the limb of a dead person or a Neveilah).

5. Accordingly (see #4), a Metzora whose limbs are about to fall off has a way of removing the limb without becoming Tamei.


1. A person had relations with his mother, producing two girls. He then had relations with one of them, producing a son. If this son has relations with his mother's sister (the other of the two girls), he sins as well with his sister (they share a father) and his father's sister.
2. This is because each woman with whom he had relations obligates him to bring a Korban, even though he did not realize his error (i.e. he thought Nidah was permitted) the entire time.
3. Rebbi Eliezer: He must bring a Korban for each time he was with her. Chachamim: He brings only one Korban.
4. However, if the limb is even partially attached to the person or animal, it remains Tahor.
5. The Metzora has a doctor cut away the dead skin that is still attached to the limb until it is very small, and then attaches the limb to a peg. By jerking his body away from the peg, the Metzora's limb falls away.

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