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1. Abaye: On Rosh Hashanah night, a person should eat fruits and vegetables that have propitious omens.
2. When a Hekdesh item has fulfilled its Mitzvah purpose, the general rule is that one no longer can transgress Me'ilah with that object.
3. The Ketores was reground twice a year.
4. When grinding the Ketores, one would say, "Heitev Hadek, Hadek Heitev," because sound enhances spices.
5. On fast days, evildoers should be included in our prayers and they should be allowed to join us in asking for repentance.


1. The Gemara stated that a certain sign is inappropriate to look into since it may indicate that a person will not survive the year. Abaye infers from here that signs are significant. Accordingly, it is appropriate to eat foods on Rosh Hashanah night that indicate that we will have a good new year.
2. Accordingly, once the Ketores has been fully lit and smoke is coming out, one does not transgress Me'ilah by smelling it. The Gemara notes some exceptions to this rule, such as using the ashes of the Terumas ha'Deshen.
3. This was done once in the summer in order to prevent it from becoming moldy, and once in the winter in order to keep its smell fresh.
4. Rebbi Yochanan notes that just as sound enhances spices, it is damages wine.
5. Just as Chelbenah is a foul smelling spice and is nonetheless included in the Ketores, we should include in our prayers on a fast day people whose actions are sinful.

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