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KERISUS 5 (25 Av) - Dedicated by Mrs. G. Kornfeld in honor of the Yahrzeit of her mother, Mrs. Gisela Turkel (Golda bas Chaim Yitzchak Ozer), on 25 Av. Mrs. Turkel was an exceptional woman with an iron will who loved and respected the study of Torah.


1. Rebbi Yitzchak: One who eats bread, flour, and soft grains made out of Chadash receives three sets of Malkus.
2. The Gemara points out that many important Halachos are derived from a Gezeirah Shavah.
3. One transgresses the prohibition against making the Shemen ha'Mishchah only if intends to use it as ointment.
4. A person who makes half a recipe of Ketores is liable, while a person who makes half a recipe of Shemen ha'Mishchah is not liable.
5. The Shemen ha'Mishchah made by Moshe Rabeinu was used often, yet miraculously it did not get used up.


1. Although they all appear in the same verse, and the general rule is that one does not receive Malkus when one verse includes multiple acts ("Lav shebi'Chlalos"), in this case there is an extra verse that teaches that they are separate prohibitions.
2. These Halachos include the punishments for eating Pigul, Nosar, and other sins.
3. Nevertheless, if he uses it as an ointment he is not punished, even though it is forbidden. This is because the prohibition prescribed by the Torah applies only to deriving personal benefit from the Shemen ha'Mishchah made by Moshe Rabeinu.
4. This is because the Torah states regarding Shemen ha'Mishchah that one may not make it "according to its recipe." However, regarding Ketores the Torah prohibits only making it, and thus making even a smaller batch is included in the prohibition.
5. It was only twelve Lugin, yet it was able to be used to anoint the Mishkan, its vessels, Aharon, his sons, Kohanim Gedolim, and kings, and we are taught that the entire amount is still present and will be present in the future.

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