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1. The Gemara discusses the laws in a case in which a baby born to a Kohen's wife becomes mixed up with the baby of her maidservant.
2. The Gemara cites various verses that exclude holy items from the requirement to destroy the contents of an Ir ha'Nidachas.
3. The Gemara discusses whether a person who swears falsely that he did not steal must pay one fifth of the principle even when the item he stole is an animal that was dedicated to be a Korban.
4. Rebbi Shimon says that a firstborn animal from outside Eretz Yisrael may be offered as a Korban Bechor.
5. There is a discussion about whether one may buy meat of a Bechor from a Kohen.


1. For example, when they grow up, they are to free each other from the status of an Eved Kena'ani. Before they do so, both may eat Terumah, since once is a Kohen and the other is the slave of a Kohen (who is allowed to eat Terumah).
2. Animals consecrated as Korbanos and all other Hekdesh items are excluded, because they are not considered "its spoils." The Gemara adds that "its animals" excludes Bechor and Ma'aser Behemah. "Its spoils" also excludes money of Ma'aser Sheni. They are excluded despite the fact that they are eaten by Yisraelim (Bechor with a blemish is eaten by a Kohen, and Ma'aser Sheni is eaten by any Jew).
3. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili: This applies to all Kodshim Kalim. Ben Azai: This applies to Korbenos Shelamim, but not to Korbanos such as Ma'aser Behemah that are Kodshim Kalim. Aba Yosi ben Dostai: Ben Azai only said that this applies to a Bechor, not to a Shelamim.
4. However, this applies only b'Di'eved, once the firstborn animal was already brought into Eretz Yisrael. This is not what is supposed to be done with such an animal L'Chatchilah.
5. The members of the house of Rav Ashi used to buy the meat of a Bechor from a Kohen. They were not concerned (as Rav Huna, who prohibited this, was concerned) that this might look as though the Kohen was trying to persuade them to give all of their Bechoros to him, since they were paying for the meat as one does in an ordinary sale.

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