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1. Rav says that it is a Mitzvah to use the original animal that was dedicated to be a Korban.
2. There are three cases in which one may not flay animals from the feet in order to keep the skin whole to be used as a container.
3. Different reasons are given for why this act (#2) is not allowed for Pesulei ha'Mukdashin, even though it apparently would increase the amount of money paid to Hekdesh for the animal.
4. A person can avoid having his future firstborn animal become a Bechor.
5. When the Beis ha'Mikdash is standing, one should not dedicate a fetus that will be a firstborn as a Shelamim.


1. Accordingly, in a case where a sanctified animal was lost and then found before the replacement animal was offered in its place, the original animal should be offered.
2. One may not do so on Yom Tov because it is an excessive Tircha (trouble) that will not result in any benefit for Yom Tov. Similarly, one may not do so in the case of a firstborn animal that received a blemish, nor in the case of Pesulei ha'Mukdashin, since the animal retains some sanctity.
3. Rav Mari: We are concerned that meat will be removed in the skinning process, lessening the animal's value. Rebbi Avin: It appears as if one is doing work with Kodshim.
4. The Mishnah says that he may prevent the status of Bechor from taking effect by dedicating the fetus as an Olah. Since the sanctity of Bechor occurs only when it is born (and is deemed to "open the womb"), if it is already a different Korban at the moment it is born it does not become a Bechor at birth.
5. The Mishnah specifically permits dedicating the fetus as an Olah, which has a higher degree of sanctity, implying that l'Chatchilah one should not dedicate it as a Shelamim, which has a lesser degree of sanctity.

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