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1. There is a dispute about how to treat part of a mixture of Terumah and Chulin that falls into a pot of Chulin.
2. Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov: If there are 21 Se'ah of rainwater in a Mikvah, 19 Se'ah of Mayim She'uvim may be poured into a ditch that will bring the water into the Mikvah, and the Mikvah is valid.
3. The law that 3 Lugin of drawn water (in a vessel) invalidate a Mikvah applies only when the 3 Lugin are poured into the Mikvah in a certain manner.
4. There is an argument about whether the earth that is put into the Sotah waters must be put in after the water is already in the vessel, or whether it may be put in beforehand.

5. The same argument applies to putting the ashes of the red heifer into the Mei Chatas (to sprinkle on those who are Tamei Mes).


1. Mishnah: The new mixture is assumed to contain the same percentage of Terumah as the original mixture. Accordingly, if the original mixture was comprised of one Se'ah of Terumah and nine Se'ah of Chulin, the amount of Terumah in the second pot is considered to be one part out of ten of the total amount that fell into the second pot. Rebbi Eliezer: It must be assumed that all of the Terumah that fell into the first pot also fell into the second.

2. Although 3 Lugin poured directly into the 21 Se'ah would invalidate the Mikvah, one is allowed to have the minority of the water run in through a ditch, and the Mikvah is valid.
3. The Gemara discusses this statement at length, and concludes that it means that at least one Lug must be poured at a time. If the 3 Lugin enter the Mikvah in 4 or 5 or more installments, the Mikvah is not invalidated.

4. Tana Kama: If the earth is put into the vessel before the water, it is invalid, as we find that the item that causes the liquid to be viable is always added afterwards. Rebbi Shimon: It is valid even if the earth is put into the vessel before the water.
5. Tana Kama: The ashes must be put into the vessel after the Mei Chatas. Rebbi Shimon: The ashes may be put into the vessel before the Mei Chatas.

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