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1. Everyone agrees that if a person proclaims, "This should take effect and then this should take effect," only the first statement takes effect.
2. Everyone agrees that if a person says, "This animal should be half-Chatas and half-Olah," it is put to death.
3. Rebbi Yochanan discusses an animal belonging to partners that was eventually dedicated to Hekdesh.
4. The Gemara derives three laws from Rebbi Yochanan's statement (#3).
5. The Mishnah discusses the phraseology that one must use to make a Temurah.


1. Similarly, everyone agrees that if a person proclaims, "This should take effect only if this takes effect," both take effect. The argument in the Mishnah (see Daf 25, #5) applies only in a case where a person said, "This should be this (Temuras Olah) and that (Temuras Shelamim)."
2. If a person says, "This animal should be half- (or Temuras-, according to Tosfos) Chatas and half-Olah," Rebbi Yosi says it is put to death. Rebbi Meir says it is an Olah.
3. One partner dedicated his half to be a Korban, and then he bought his partner's half and dedicated it as a Korban. It is sanctified, but it cannot be offered as a Korban. It can be used to make a Temurah, but the Temurah animal will have the same status.
4. All of these laws are based on the fact that once a Korban cannot be offered in a certain situation, it can never become fit to be offered.
5. If someone says, "This is instead of this," or, "This is in exchange of this," it is a valid Temurah. If he says, "This is Mechuleles on this," it is invalid.

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