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1. The Mishnah records a dispute about the fate of a public Chatas that was lost, but then found after it was replaced with another animal.
2. In the time of Ezra, many Korbanos were offered to atone for the Jewish people's sin of idolatry during the time of Tzidkiyahu.

3. There is an argument about how it was possible to offer these Korbanos for people who lived decades earlier.
4. These Korbanos for idol-worship were offered despite the fact that the Korban for idol-worship (as discussed in the Torah) is offered only if one sins accidentally.

5. The Gemara tells of a certain pious man who was known to have had only one sin when he died.


1. Tana Kama and Rebbi Shimon: Although it would be put to death if it would belong to an individual, a public Korban is not put to death. Rebbi Yehudah: It is put to death.
2. These Korbanos were comprised of Korbenos Olah that included 12 bulls, 96 rams, and 77 sheep, along with 12 goats as Korbenos Chatas. All of them were totally burned, even the Chata'os. This ruling applied only for those particular Korbanos (as Korbenos Chatas are usually eaten by the Kohen).

3. There is a concept that "the public does not die," and therefore the public can always bring a Korban owed by the public (even from sins that occurred in an earlier generation). Others say that the Korbanos were brought for the many people who sinned during the time of Tzidkiyahu, and who indeed were still alive.
4. This was another unique ruling (see #2) that applied only to these Korbanos offered in the time of Ezra.
5. The Gemara relates that there was only one sin known to have been committed by a certain pious man. The Gemara says that this man was either Rebbi Yehudah ben Bava or Rebbi Yehudah bar Ilai. He sinned by keeping a goat next to his bed in order to drink its milk and be healed from his sickness, even though the Rabanan had prohibited raising such animals in Eretz Yisrael.

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