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1. Batei ha'Chatzerim (houses in unwalled cities) have the most favorable redemption terms for the original seller.
2. A person who consecrates Batei ha'Chatzerim also has favorable terms.

3. A city with fewer than three courtyards with two houses in each courtyard is deemed a city of Batei ha'Chatzerim, even if it has a wall from the time of Yehoshua bin Nun.
4. The cities of the Leviyim had three distinct areas.
5. One may not change the designation of one of the above areas to another type of area.


1. They can be redeemed from the buyer starting immediately after they are sold, with no required waiting period. They can be forcibly redeemed based on their selling price and on how many years left until Yovel. At Yovel, they revert to their original owners.
2. He is allowed to redeem it right away, until Yovel. Even if he does not redeem it and someone else does, or if the field is not redeemed by anyone, it reverts back to the owner at Yovel.
3. The word "Chatzerim" teaches that if there are only two Chatzerim (courtyards), they are classified as Batei ha'Chatzerim, and not Batei Arei Chomah, even though the city has a wall.
4. Their cities (1) were surrounded by 1000 Amos of park area (2), and beyond that they had 1000 Amos of vineyards and fields (3).
5. This applies only to the cities of the Leviyim, but not to the cities of Yisraelim. The only similar prohibition regarding ordinary Jewish cities is that the city may not be made into a park area where there are no houses, because doing so would give the impression that one is destroying the residence of Eretz Yisrael.

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