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1. The Mishnah lists the circumstances in which collateral is taken to ensure that a person will fulfill his pledge or offer a Korban.
2. Rav Papa notes two exceptions to the rules stated in the Mishnah (#1).
3. A husband may be persuaded, but cannot be forced, to give a Get.
4. The Mishnah discusses how land is sold on behalf of orphans and on behalf of Hekdesh.
5. The Gemara explains why Beis Din's announcement of sale is made in the morning and at night.


1. Collateral is taken to ensure the fulfillment of set value pledges and pledged sacrifices that primarily are not for the purpose of atonement, such as Olos and Shelamim. However, collateral generally is not taken for sacrifices brought as a result of a sin, such as a Chatas and Asham.
2. Collateral is taken for a Chatas Nazir, since it is possible that the Nazir will not offer the Chatas once he has already brought one of the other sacrifices of a Nazir, reasoning that he is already permitted to drink wine. Similarly, collateral is not taken for the Olah of a Metzora, because if he does not bring it he will not exit from his status as a leper.
3. Rav Sheshes: A man who lets it be known that he is about to sign a Get because he is being forced to sign causes the Get to be nullified, unless we specifically know that he annulled his initial declaration of intent.
4. Beis Din announces twice a day, morning and night, that there is property up for sale. The caretaker selling property of Hekdesh does this for sixty days before selling the land.
5. The announcement is made in the morning, when workers start their work for a landowner, and in the evening when they come in, so that the landowner can consult his workers as to their opinion about the type of land being sold.

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