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BECHOROS 58 (11 Sivan) - Dedicated to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Chaim Yoseph ben Ephraim Henach ha'Levi z'l.


1. Most of the times in the year at which the Chachamim decreed that one must take Ma'aser Behemah from all animals currently in his possession before he eats them are before the Yamim Tovim.
2. One may not separate Ma'aser Behemah on Yom Tov.
3. An animal may be included in the count for Ma'aser Behemah only if it is certainly obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
4. One separates Ma'aser Behemah by putting ten animals in a pen, and having them go through a door one at a time while he counts them, "One, two, three" and so on.
5. One is supposed to have the mothers of the animals stand outside the pen in order to coax the animals to come out.


1. The Chachamim wanted people to have animals available for sacrifices and for eating meat on Yom Tov. They therefore instituted that one must separate Ma'aser Behemah one week or two weeks before Yom Tov in order that one have enough time to separate the Ma'aser and to prepare the other animals for consumption.
2. People commonly dyed some of the wool of the Ma'aser Behemah animals crimson as a reminder for which animals had been designated as Ma'aser. Since dyeing is forbidden on Yom Tov, the Chachamim prohibited separating Ma'aser Behemah on Yom Tov.
3. Accordingly, if it is unclear whether Ma'aser Behemah has been taken from an animal or even a large group of animals, they are exempt.
4. One cannot separate Ma'aser Behemah by having ten animals in his immediate area and proclaiming one of them to be Ma'aser. However, if he counted them, "One, two, three," and so on, but did not have them go through a door in the pen, the Ma'aser is valid.
5. This was done to show that purchased animals or orphaned animals are exempt from Ma'aser. (An animal that was obligated in Ma'aser but did not have its mother present could be lead out in a different manner, such as by showing it food outside the door.)

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