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BECHOROS 57 (15 Teves) - dedicated by Dr. Moshe and Rivka Snow in memory of Rivka's mother, Rebbetzin Leah bas Rav Yosef (Rabinowitz), the Manostrishtcher Rebbetzin, whose Yahrzeit is 15 Teves.


1. The Mishnah lists additional animals from which a person is not obligated to take Ma'aser Behemah.
2. Rebbi Yehoshua: An animal is considered an "orphan" only if it was born after its mother's skin was destroyed.
3. The Beraisa lists animals from which a person is obligated to take Ma'aser Behemah (even though these animals would never be offered as a Ma'aser Behemah sacrifice).
4. There is an argument about whether Ma'aser Behemah must be taken from an animal that is a Tumtum or an Androginus.
5. There are many opinions in the Mishnah regarding when one must take Ma'aser Behemah from his animals before he eats them.


1. These are: an animal of Kil'ayim, a Tereifah, an animal born via Caesarean section, an animal within seven days of its birth, and an "orphan," meaning an animal whose mother was either slaughtered or died before it was born.
2. The Gemara records that when a female animal died in childbirth, they used to skin it and put the skin around the baby that was about to be "born." This helped it stay alive, and this is why Rebbi Yehoshua says that the baby is not an orphan unless the mother's skin is no longer extant.
3. A partial list includes: A male or female animal that had relations with a person, an animal designated as a sacrifice for idolatry, and an animal worshipped as an idol.
4. Tana Kama: Such an animal is obligated in Ma'aser Behemah. Rebbi Shimon: Such an animal is not obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
5. A person is allowed to slaughter an animal and eat it without having taken Ma'aser Behemah. The Chachamim, however, decreed that there are certain times in the year when one must take Ma'aser Behemah from all animals currently in his possession before he eats any of them. The Mishnah discusses the various opinions regarding these times.

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