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1. The Mishnah discusses blemishes on the feet and legs.
2. There is a dispute about a person who has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.
3. A man has 248 limbs, while a woman has 252.
4. While there is a question about whether being ambidextrous is a blemish, all agree that being left-handed (even a person who steps with his left leg first) is considered a blemish.
5. If a Kohen married a woman who is unfit to marry a Kohen (i.e. a divorcee), he is unfit to serve in the Beis ha'Mikdash until he swears he will not benefit from her.


1. Included in this list are: one whose ankles or knees knock together when he walks, one whose ankles do not touch and they face away from each other when he puts his feet together, and one who has a significant amount of extra skin sticking out of his hand or foot.
2. Rebbi Yehudah: This is not a blemish (he seems to maintain that this is a sign of strength, see 45b). Chachamim: This is a blemish (and certainly it is a blemish if he has one extra digit on one hand or foot).
3. The result of an autopsy done on a woman who was sentenced to death by the king was that she had 252 limbs.
4. Rebbi: Being ambidextrous is a blemish, as it shows a weakness in the right hand. Chachamim: It is not a blemish; it merely indicates a healthy left hand.
5. Similarly, a Kohen who is known to make himself Tamei through contact with the dead must accept upon himself never to do so again, as this renders him unfit for service in the Beis ha'Mikdash. He does not have to swear as does the Kohen who marries a divorcee, since there is not a great temptation to come in contact with the dead.

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