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1. An expert in determining whether an animal has a blemish should not take money for his analysis. If he would take money, he would be suspected of being lenient because he was paid.
2. The Mishnah lists many things for which one should not take wages, such as judging disputes and teaching Torah.
3. The Mishnah discusses what one should not buy from a Kohen who is suspected of making blemishes in firstborn animals.
4. One should not buy flax from someone who is suspected of planting or selling Shemitah products.
5. Rebbi Yehudah: One may not but any food, even water and salt, from someone who is suspected of selling Terumah as Chulin. Rebbi Shimon: One may not buy from him only things that are obligated in Terumah.


1. The Mishnah states that there was an extremely pious person named Ila who lived in Yavneh whom the Rabanan permitted to take money for this service.
2. The Gemara derives this from the fact that Hashem (or, according to some, Moshe), was not paid for teaching Torah. We, too, should not be paid for teaching Torah.
3. For example, one should not buy deer meat from him, even though the laws of a firstborn animal do not apply to a deer, since deer meat looks like calf meat.
4. However, he may buy flax products, such as threads or flax chains.
5. Rebbi Shimon includes in the prohibition products that contain ingredients that are obligated in Terumah, such as fish innards that are often treated with olive oil.

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