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1. Rebbi Yochanan: A bloody entity passed by an animal does not cause Tum'ah in the way that a Neveilah does, because the fetus is Batel b'Rov.
2. The Gemara discusses the stage of birth at which a stillborn is considered to have exited the mother and caused the mother's house to become Tamei (with Tum'as Ohel).
3. Reish Lakish: If a person buys fish brine from someone who is not careful about the Halachos of Tum'ah, he can purify it by connecting the fish brine to the waters of a Mikvah.
4. Rebbi Yirmeyah: Purifying the fish brine by connecting it to the waters of a Mikvah (#3 above) helps only to purify the fish brine so that it may be eaten with bread, but not to cook with it.
5. There is a disagreement about what to do with a Se'ah of Terumah Teme'ah that fell into one hundred Se'ah of Chulin that is Tahor.


1. The flesh of the fetus (which is a Neveilah) is nullified by the blood and other entities that are mixed with it.
2. The Tana'im disagree about the exact stage of birth. Everyone agrees that it is not when the stillborn is actually born, but rather that it is a much earlier stage of birth.
3. We suspect that the seller of the fish brine caused it to become Tamei by touching it. The touch of such a person causes Tum'ah, mid'Rabanan.
4. The water in the pot combines with the water in the fish brine, and together they cause the mixture to become Tamei.
5. Chachamim: The Terumah becomes nullified in the Chulin, but all of it should be eaten in such a way that the Chulin cannot become Tamei. Rebbi Eliezer: One should take a Se'ah out of this mixture and let it rot, as this is considered to be the Tamei Se'ah that fell into the Chulin. He agrees that the rest of it should be eaten in a way that it cannot become impure, as the Chachamim state.

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