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1. If the taste of a Chatas becomes absorbed into another Korban, that Korban becomes Pasul if the Chatas is Pasul. If the Chatas is not Pasul, then the other Korban takes on the stringencies of the Chatas.
2. Ravina maintains that the place where the Zero'a Besheilah was severed from the Ayil is permitted to non-Kohanim.
3. Legumes of Terumah that were cooked with lentils of Chulin and impart taste are not nullified, even if there are a thousand times more Chulin. If they do not impart taste, they are nullified in a hundred parts of Chulin.
4. Wheat sourdough of Terumah that falls into wheat dough of Chulin and causes the Chulin to become Chametz is never nullified.
5. If the sourdough does not cause the Chulin to become Chametz, it is nullified in a hundred and one parts of Chulin.
6. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that a Revi'is of brine from a non-Kosher fish that becomes mixed with Kosher brine imparts taste in up to two Se'ah.
7. According to Rebbi Yehudah, a prohibited item that is cooked with permitted items of the same taste is never nullified, with the exception of brine.
8. If a thigh of an animal is cooked with the Gid ha'Nasheh and the Gid ha'Nasheh imparts its taste, the thigh is forbidden, according to the Tana of the Mishnah.
9. According to Rebbi Yishmael the son of Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah, the Gid ha'Nasheh does not impart taste.
10. If the Gid ha'Nasheh that was cooked together with other tendons cannot be identified, all of the tendons are prohibited.


1. If the other Korban is a Shelamim, then it may be eaten only for one day and one night inside the Azarah, like the Chulin.
2. However, the place of the cut itself is prohibited to non-Kodshim. For example, if a fetus stuck a leg out from its mother prior to Shechitah, the place where it was cut off is prohibited.
3. Terumah is nullified in a hundred parts of Chulin, but only when it does not impart taste.
4. Since the sourdough caused the dough to become Chametz, it is tantamount to imparting taste and it is not nullified.
5. Since it is Min b'Mino, it is nullified only in a hundred and one parts of Chulin and not in a hundred parts.
6. Brine has a very strong taste and it imparts taste even in close to two hundred parts of Kosher brine.
7. Brine is regarded as mere "sweat," and therefore it is nullified even when it is mixed with Mino.
8. If meat the size of the Gid ha'Nasheh imparts taste to the heads of turnips, the turnips are forbidden.
9. Therefore, whether the Gid ha'Nasheh was cooked, salted, or roasted with meat, the Gid ha'Nasheh must be removed and the meat is Kosher.
10. A Gid ha'Nasheh is regarded as a "Biryah" (a complete entity) that cannot be nullified, according to the Tana of the Mishnah. However, if it can be identified among the other tendons and removed, the other tendons are permitted, provided that the Gid ha'Nasheh did not impart taste. According to Rebbi Yishmael the son of Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah, a Gid ha'Nasheh never imparts taste.

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