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CHULIN 71 (1 Adar) - dedicated in memory of Mordecai (Marcus) ben Elimelech Shmuel Kornfeld, who perished in the Holocaust along with most of his family. His Yahrzeit is observed on 1 Adar. May his death and the deaths of the other Kedoshim of the Holocaust atone for us like Korbanos.


1. A Chayah is the same as a Behemah with regard to Simanei Taharah.
2. A Chayah is the same as a Behemah with regard to the prohibition against interbreeding.
3. If a woman miscarries what looks like a Behemah, Chayah, or Of, she must observe the days of Taharah and Tum'ah, according to Rebbi Meir. The Chachamim disagree.
4. If a fetus dies in the womb of its mother, and the midwife inserts her hand into the womb and touches it, she becomes Tamei, while the mother remains Tahor.
5. An item swallowed by a person is not susceptible to Tum'ah while it is inside of him.
6. A Tamei item that is inside a completely sealed earthenware utensil conveys Tum'ah.
7. If a person enters a house with Tzara'as, with his clothing draped on his shoulders, and holding his sandals and rings in his hands, he and his clothing become Tamei immediately.
8. If a person enters a house with Tzara'as, wearing his clothing with his sandals on his feet and rings on his fingers, he becomes Tamei immediately, but his clothing becomes Tamei only after he spends time in the house.
9. If one swallows a ring that is Tamei Mes, he may immerse and eat Terumah. If the ring is regurgitated, it is Tamei and Metamei.
10. One swallows a ring that is Tahor and subsequently enters a house with a corpse. After he is purified from the Tum'ah, he spits up the ring. It is Tahor just as it was when he swallowed it.


1. A Chayah is Kosher if it chews its cud and has split hooves, just like a Behemah.
2. A Chayah is also the same as a Behemah with regard to conveying Tum'as Neveilah.
3. According to the Chachamim, a woman does not observe the days of Tum'ah and Taharah for miscarrying something that does not appear human.
4. A source of Tum'ah that is inside a person does not convey Tum'ah. Even if a person swallowed two one rings, one Tamei and one Tahor, the ring that is Tamei does not make the other ring Tamei.
5. If a person swallows a ring and then enters a house in which there is a corpse, the ring does not become Tamei.
6. Although an earthenware utensil protects its contents from becoming Tamei in an Ohel ha'Mes, it does not prevent its contents from conveying Tum'ah.
7. If an animal enters a house with Tzara'as wearing clothing, the clothing becomes Tamei immediately, because an animal that is wearing clothing is akin to a person carrying clothing.
8. His clothing becomes Tamei if he remains in the house long enough to eat half a loaf of wheat bread with relish while reclining.
9. Although immersion does not purify something that is Tamei Mes, while the ring is inside his body it is not Metamei and he may eat Terumah. It is Metamei him only if he spits it up.
10. When he enters under the same roof as the corpse, the ring inside of him does not become Tamei.

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