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12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 6 (30 Sivan) - Dedicated by Dr. Alain Bitton of Geneva, Switzerland in honor of the Yahrzeit of his grandmother, Frecha bat Chaviva.


1. Rebbi Meir decreed that the wine of Kusim is forbidden, because the Kusim were found worshipping the image of a dove on Har Grizim.
2. A Talmid should not pose a question to his Rav unless he believes that his Rav is able to answer it.
3. If a Yisrael who owned a share in a commonly-held courtyard failed to participate in an Eruv prior to the onset of Shabbos, the other partners in the courtyard may carry from their houses into the courtyard if he negates his share in the courtyard.
4. A Nochri, a Kusi, and one who is Mechalel Shabbos in public may not be Mevatel their Reshus in a courtyard. The other partners in the courtyard must rent their share in order to be allowed to carry from their houses into the courtyard.
5. Produce that is bought from an Am ha'Aretz has the status of Demai, and its Ma'aseros must be designated even if the purchaser intended to mix the produce in a dish.
6. If a woman gives her neighbor, who is the wife of an Am ha'Aretz, the ingredients for a dish or a baked item in order to prepare it for her, there is no concern that the wife of the Am ha'Aretz will substitute the ingredients with those of her own.
7. If one gives dough to his mother-in-law or to an innkeeper to prepare for him, he must separate Ma'aseros before and after he gives it to her.
8. The wife of a Chaver may grind grain together with the wife of an Am ha'Aretz while she is Tamei, because there is no concern that she will touch the grain and eat from it. The wife of a Chaver may not grind grain with the wife of an Am ha'Aretz when she is Tahor. Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar prohibits it even while she is Tamei.


1. The decree of Rebbi Meir was not accepted by the masses. However, in a later generation, Rav Ami and Rav Asi decreed that the Kusim have the status of Nochrim in all matters.
2. He must refrain from asking in order to avoid embarrassing his Rav.
3. Negating one's share in the courtyard is accomplished by saying, "My Reshus is Kenuyah or Mevuteles to you," and there is no need to make a Kinyan.
4. Even if the Kusi observes Shabbos, nevertheless, after Rav Ami and Rav Asi decreed that the Kusim have the status of Nochrim, their Reshus in the courtyard must be rented.
5. However, if an already prepared dish was bought from an Am ha'Aretz with produce mixed in it, is not Demai, because the produce is considered to be Batel in the rest of the ingredients and it is not necessary to separate Ma'aser.
6. However, if the neighbor provided the sourdough or the spices, it is considered Demai and it is necessary to separate the Ma'aseros, as the sourdough or spices are not Batel. They are considered to have been purchased before they were placed in the dish. Alternatively, since sourdough and spices give taste, they are not Batel.
7. There is a concern that she will substitute the dough for her superior dough, because a mother-in-law and an innkeeper who is his frequent host is concerned for his welfare and will switch the dough for his benefit. Therefore, he must separate Ma'aseros before he gives her the dough because of the possibility that she will substitute his dough for hers and give it to someone else, and he also must separate Ma'aser after he receives the baked bread from her.
8. While she is Tamei, she would not touch the grain since she does not want to be Metamei it. While she is Tahor, the wife of the Chaver may not grind with her, because she might touch the grain and forget and put the untithed grain into her mouth. Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar maintains that even when she is Tamei, it is forbidden, because maybe the wife of the Am ha'Aretz will give her some of the grain and she will put it in her mouth.

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