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1. When there is a suspicion that an animal was clawed, even a minute red spot found on the esophagus or the trachea renders it a Tereifah.
2. According to Rav, when there is a suspicion that an animal was clawed, if there are signs of reddening the animal must be inspected for reddening from the base of the brain until the thigh.
3. When the trachea was found to be dislodged after Shechitah, if it was severed by the Shechitah the Shechitah is valid, according to Rav. Rebbi Yochanan disagrees.
4. If an animal is struck on the sciatic nerves or the kidneys, it is not a Tereifah.
5. If the ball of the thighbone of an animal became dislocated from its socket, it is a Tereifah, according to Rav Masneh. Rava disagrees.
6. If a portion of the trachea, up to the size of an Isar, is missing, the animal is Kosher.
7. Workers may not stand up for a Talmid Chacham while they are occupied in their work.
8. All workers must stand up for those who are bringing Bikurim to the Beis ha'Mikdash, and they must inquire about their welfare.
9. If a rope less than five Tefachim long protrudes from a bed, it is not susceptible to Tum'ah, but if it protrudes for five to ten Tefachim, it is susceptible to Tum'ah.
10. Small earthenware utensils that can stand upright without support and that hold at least an amount of oil to anoint the small finger of a day-old child are susceptible to Tum'ah.


1. Although a puncture in the trachea renders the animal a Tereifah only if it is the size of a Sela, a red spot indicates poisoning which will inevitably spread and cause injury to an area of the trachea the size of a Sela.
2. If reddening is found in the flesh of the innards or on the pipes (trachea and esophagus) of the animal, this indicates that it was clawed and it is a Tereifah.
3. According to Rav, the trachea must have been dislodged after Shechitah, because had it been dislodged prior to Shechitah it would not have been severed by the Shechitah. Therefore, the Shechitah is Kosher. Rebbi Yochanan disagrees with that logic and maintains that one should make a cut in the trachea. If the cut is similar to the cut of the Shechitah, then one may assume that the cut of the Shechitah occurred after it was dislodged, and the Shechitah is not valid.
4. Although an animal often dies from such a blow, it is possible for it to live with proper medical treatment. Therefore, it is not a Tereifah.
5. According to Rava, it is not a Tereifah unless the ligament was ripped. However, the Halachah is that even if the ligament was ripped it is not a Tereifah unless the ligament was decayed.
6. However, if exactly a piece the size of an Isar is missing, the animal is a Tereifah.
7. Standing up for a Talmid Chacham would distract them from their work. A hired hand must be constantly attentive to his work.
8. The workers must say to them, "Our brothers from such and such a place, may your arrival be with peace." Although a worker may not interrupt his work even to stand up for a Talmid Chacham, the Chachamim enacted that they must stand up for those who bring Bikurim in order to encourage them to bring the Bikurim every year.
9. A rope is not susceptible to Tum'ah since it is not a woven garment. However, if it is an accessory to the bed, then it is susceptible to Tum'ah since it is part of the bed (which is considered a vessel and is susceptible to Tum'ah). If the rope is less than five Tefachim long, it serves no purpose and is not considered an accessory to the bed. If it is between five and ten Teachim long, it can be used to tie a Korban Pesach to the bed, and therefore it is an accessory to the bed and susceptible to Tum'ah.
10. Even if they are broken and the bottoms or sides are intact and can hold a small amount of oil, they are susceptible to Tum'ah if they originally held up to a Log of liquid.

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