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1. According to Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon, the head of an Olas ha'Of is not severed completely during Melikah. The Rabanan disagree.
2. The Melikah of an Olas ha'Of is done on the upper part of the Mizbe'ach.
3. A Chatas may not be bought with money of Ma'aser Sheni.
4. A Korban may be offered only during the day.
5. Reish Lakish maintains that whenever the Torah states the word "Kehunah" or "Etzba" with regard to a certain Avodah, that Avodah must be done with the Kohen's right hand.
6. A Tor is valid as a Korban only when it is mature. A Ben Yonah is valid only when it is young.
7. A Tor is valid when it develops golden feathers.
8. A Ben Yonah is valid when it reaches the age at which it bleeds when a feather is pulled from its body.
9. If one vows to bring either a Tor or a Ben Yonah, and he brings both birds when they are beginning to develop golden feathers, there is a doubt about whether he fulfills his obligation.


1. The law in the case of an Olas ha'Of is derived from a Chatas ha'Of, according to Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon; just as the head of a Chatas ha'Of is not completely severed, the head of an Olas ha'Of is not completely severed. In contrast, only one Siman of a Chatas ha'Of is cut, while both Simanim of an Olas ha'Of are cut.
2. In contrast, the Melikah of a Chatas ha'Of is done on the lower part of the Mizbe'ach.
3. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that the money of Ma'aser Sheni is Mamon Hedyot. A Gezeiras ha'Kasuv states that money of Ma'aser Sheni may not be used for the purchase of a Chatas.
4. The Zerikas ha'Dam must be done before nightfall. Nevertheless, the Haktaras ha'Eimurim may be done at night.
5. However, this is true only according to the Rabanan. According to Rebbi Shimon, only the word "Etzba" implies that the Avodah must be done with the right hand, not the word "Kehunah."
6. When a Tor or a Ben Yonah reaches an intermediate stage and begins to develop colorful feathers around its neck, it is Pasul as a Korban.
7. A Ben Yonah is Pasul when it develops colorful feathers around its neck.
8. Although a Ben Yonah is valid only when it is young, it is not valid immediately upon hatching, because at that stage it is repulsive.
9. The doubt is that perhaps the beginning of the development of colorful feathers does not qualify either bird to be offered, since it is too old to be a Ben Yonah and too young to be a Tor. On the other hand, perhaps it is considered young and is a valid Ben Yonah, or it is considered old and is a valid Tor, and since he offered both he fulfills his oath.

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