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1. According to the sons of Rebbi Chiya, if the Simanim of a bird are pulled behind its neck, the Melikah is valid.
2. Shechitah done from the back of the neck is Pasul, but if the Simanim are pulled behind the neck it is Kosher.
3. There is a disagreement about whether Melikah done with a back and forth motion is valid.
4. If the Kohen begins the Melikah at the back of the head, even if he slants downwards and does two thirds of the Melikah in the correct place, it is Pasul.
5. If the Simanim of an animal are ripped out of place, the Shechitah is Pasul, but if the Simanim of a bird are ripped out of place, the Melikah is valid, according to Rami bar Yechezkel.
6. If the neck of an animal is broken along with most of the flesh on the neck bone, the animal is a Neveilah.
7. When Melikah is done with a knife instead of with the fingernail of the Kohen, the bird is a Neveilah and is Metamei the clothing of the person who swallows it.
8. When Melikah of a bird is done with a knife, it is not a valid Shechitah because it burrows, according to Rav Huna, or because it is presses, according to Rava.


1. Although Melikah is usually done by cutting its neck prior to cutting the Simanim, if the Simanim are cut without cutting the neck the Melikah is valid.
2. Since the Simanim are cut before the neck is broken, the animal does not become a Tereifah.
3. The sons of Rebbi Chiya maintain that it is Pasul. Rebbi Yirmeyah maintains that it is Kosher.
4. This follows the view of Rav Asi, who maintains that if the first third of the Shechitah is done above the area of the upper ring and the rest of the Shechitah is done within the ring, it is Pasul. Just as Hagramah invalidates Shechitah, it invalidates Melikah as well.
5. According to Rebbi Yirmeyah, even the Shechitah of a bird is valid if its Simanim are ripped out of place. However, Ravin bar Kisi disagrees and maintains that only Melikah is valid, not Shechitah.
6. The animal is considered to be a Neveilah even while it is convulsing. Even if the animal is subsequently slaughtered, its status remains unchanged. It is a Neveilah, not a Tereifah.
7. The Neveilah of a Kosher bird, when swallowed, conveys Tum'ah to the person and to the clothing he is wearing. It does not convey Tum'ah through touch or being carried.
8. According to Rav Huna, since the neck bone is cut prior to the cutting of the Simanim, the knife burrows under the broken bone and the cut does not open up as it does when the Shechitah is done from the front of the neck. It considered Machlid, which is an invalid Shechitah. According to Rava, Melikah is done by pressing down, and not with a back and forth motion. Pressing down with a knife is an invalid Shechitah.

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