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1. Anyone may perform Shechitah of Chulin, with the exception of a deaf-mute, a minor, and a Shoteh, because of the concern that they might slaughter improperly.
2. A Temurah takes effect whether it is designated by a man or by a woman. However, the Torah forbids one from designating a Temurah, and the perpetrator is punished with Malkus.
3. Anyone can be Ma'arich or Ne'erach, Madir or Nider.
4. Rebbi Meir says that it is better for a person not to make a Neder at all than to make a Neder, even if he keeps it.
5. Rebbi Yehudah says that it is better to make a pledge of Nedavah and to keep it than not to make a pledge of Nedavah at all.
6. A Tamei person may slaughter Chulin that is eaten with Taharah of Kodesh if he slaughters it with a long knife. However, he may not slaughter Kodshim at all, even with a long knife.


1. There is a concern that they will do the Shechitah with Shehiyah, Derisah, or Chaludah, which invalidates the Shechitah.
2. Even if an heir makes a Temurah from the Korban of his father after his father's death, it is a valid Temurah.
3. This includes even a Katan who is at least twelve years old. If he understands the concept of a Neder, his Neder is valid.
4. A person should avoid making Nedarim, because one who is in the habit of making Nedarim will eventually transgress his Neder.
5. When one designates an animal as a Nedavah, he is not responsible to replace it if it dies or is stolen. He also cannot retract his Nedavah. Therefore, there is less concern that it will be transgressed.
6. However, b'Di'eved, if he slaughtered Kodshim with a long knife, it is valid as long as he is certain that he did not come into contact with the meat of the Korban. If we did not have a chance to speak to him after the Shechitah but there was a Yisrael present who saw his Shechitah, that suffices.

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