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1. One is only obligated to perform Shiluach ha’Ken when both the "mother bird" and the eggs are from a kosher species.
2. Rav Kahana derives from the verse, "take for yourself" that the eggs must be kosher.
3. The Beraisa discusses a case where either the mother bird or the chicks are Treifos.
4. One is only obligated in Shiluach ha’Ken if the mother’s wings are touching the nest.
5. One is obligated to perform Shiluach ha’Ken even if there is only one egg or chick in the nest.


1. If the "mother bird" is not actually the mother, Shiluach ha’Ken must still be performed since both the mother bird and the chicks are from a kosher species.
2. He says that the verse "take for yourself - and not for your dogs," implies that you have to be able to eat them.
3. The Beraisa states that if the mother bird is a Treifah it still must be sent away, while if the chicks or eggs are Treifos the mother bird does not need to be sent away.
4. Even if it is hovering in the air, as long as there is some contact with the nest, Shiluach ha’Ken must be performed.
5. If the chick can fly, one is exempt from performing Shiluach ha’Ken (as it no longer needs its mother).

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