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1. The Gemara discusses when a person has to take off Terumah if the king is going to seize his produce.
2. There are four types of items in a vineyard that must be left for the poor.
3. Ezra fined the Levites; they no longer received Ma’aser Rishon.
4. Ula used to give Matnos Kehunah to a Kohenes (i.e. the daughter of a Kohen).
5. The Minchah offering of a Kohenes is eaten, as opposed to the Minchah offering of a (male) Kohen.


1. If he owes the king money due to a debt, he must take off Terumah and give to the Kohen. If he is seizing the Jew’s produce just because he has the (evil) power to do so, the Jew does not have to take off Terumah.
2. They are Peret, Olalos, Shichichah, and Pe’ah. Shichichah and Pe’ah also apply to fruits and grains, while grains also have Leket.
3. This was because most of them did not return to Eretz Yisrael in the beginning of the Second Temple era (see Yevamos 86b).
4. He would even give Matnos Kehunah to a Kohenes married to a Yisrael (Rashi).

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