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1. The Beraisa entertains the possibility that a spontaneously generated mouse would not be Tamei, but concludes that it is.
2. The verse, "ha’Tzav l’Mineihu" - "the turtle, with its types," includes other species that are partially turtle, such as the Arod.
3. Rebbi Akiva praised Hashem by contemplating the amazing creatures He created, especially when reading this verse (#2).
4. Beings that procreate in the same manner and have the same lengths of pregnancy can procreate with each other.
5. The Gemara states that an Arod is an exception to this rule (#4).


1. This is because the Torah states that a Sheretz is "ha’Shoretz," implying it procreates, which this mouse does not. The extra word "ba’Sheretz," however, teaches us that this mouse is included as being Tamei.
2. For example, an Arod (part turtle, part snake - Rashi) is included by the verse "its types."
3. Rebbi Akiva apparently understood that the interesting creature known as the Salamandra was part turtle. There are various explanations as to how a Salamndra is created, but Rebbi Akiva definitely seems to have understood that it is created in fire (see Rashi).
4. The Gemara uses this fact to question how a snake and turtle can be compatible enough to have Arod offspring (see #2).
5. The Gemara concludes that it is a miracle, and that the Arod was created to punish evildoers.

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