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1. If legions of soldiers enter houses in a city, the house becomes Tamei with the Tum'ah of the dead.
2. The Gemara relates that the skin from the forehead of Rebbi Yishmael was worn by kings.
3. The Mishnah discusses how the skin of a dead animal may or may not be a Yad to transfer Tum'ah while it is being flayed.
4. If a Talis is Tamei and is then torn, it loses its Tum'ah when most of it is torn away from the original Talis.
5. Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak: This law (#4) is only applicable if it is first immersed in a Mikvah.


1. This is because during wartime, these legions of soldiers used to carry skin from the forehead of a dead person to be used for witchcraft.
2. When Rebbi Yishmael’s forehead skin was scraped off by order of the king (when he died as one of the "Asarah Harugei Malchus" - the "ten great sages killed by the king (Roman caesars)"), the Caesar kept it and wore it.
3. This transfer occurs when the animal is Tamei and the person skinning it is Tahor, or visa versa. For example, if the person wants the leather of the animal for a carpet, the skin that he has already started to peel off of the animal is a Yad to transfer Tum'ah, if it is touched within two handsbreaths of where it is attached to the animal. (That is, if a person grasps the skin that he has started to peel in order to continue peeling the remainder from the animal, the transfer of Tum'ah will occur).
4. This is because it is no longer useful for its original purpose (and despite the fact that it can be used as two smaller garments).
5. The case is that of a Talis that must be immersed, but sundown arrives before it can be deemed Tahor. If it is first immersed in a Mikvah, and the sun has not yet set, tearing most of it renders it Tahor immediately.

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