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1. If a person is not a qualified Shochet and he performs the entire Shechitah in front of us, the Shechitah is valid. If we saw him slaughter only one Siman, we may not rely on the Shechitah.
2. If one finds roosters which have been slaughtered, or one instructs a Shali'ach to slaughter his animals and later he finds them slaughtered, one may rely on the Shechitah.
3. If a person instructs a Shali'ach to separate Terumah for him and he finds that the Terumah has been separated, he may not rely on the Terumah.
4. If a person separates Terumah from produce without the knowledge of the owner, it is not a valid Terumah.
5. If a person lost his animals and they were found slaughtered in a public garbage dump, he may not assume that they were slaughtered properly, and they are forbidden. If he found them in a house, they are permitted.
6. An animal may not be given for Shechitah to a deaf-mute, a Shoteh, or a Katan.
7. If a deaf-mute, a Shoteh, or a Katan slaughters an animal in the presence of an adult, it is a valid Shechitah b'Di'eved.
8. If a person throws a knife at a wall and it slaughters an animal in flight, it is a valid Shechitah, according to Rebbi Nasan. The Chachamim disagree.
9. If a Katan carved a pomegranate or a walnut in order to use it for measuring sand, or for a scale, it is considered a Kli and it is susceptible to Tum'ah.


1. The fact that he slaughtered one Siman properly is no proof that he slaughtered the other Siman properly.
2. The majority of people who slaughter animals are qualified to do so. Therefore, we may rely on an anonymous Shechitah.
3. We do not trust that the Shali'ach carried out his Shelichus, and we are concerned that someone other than the Shali'ach separated the Terumah. Hence, it is not a valid Terumah.
4. A Shali'ach may separate Terumah for the owner of the produce only if he is instructed to do so.
5. If they were found slaughtered in a private garbage dump in a house, according to Rebbi Yehudah the meat is forbidden, since the meat was likely thrown away because it is a Neveilah. According to Rebbi Chanina the son of Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili, the meat is permitted because it is assumed that a person would not throw away a Neveilah in the garbage in the house due to its bad stench.
6. Even if an adult is standing over him and watching him slaughter the animal, l'Chatchilah he is not allowed to slaughter because he is likely to slaughter improperly.
7. This is in accordance with the view of Rebbi Nasan, who maintains that Kavanah is not needed for Shechitah.
8. However, even according to Rebbi Nasan, it is a valid Shechitah only if the knife was long or if the knife hit the wall and then bounced back and cut the animal again. If a short knife is used, the Shechitah is valid only if the neck is cut both to and fro.
9. An act of a Katan has significance, and since he is acting to make it into a Kli, it is considered a Kli and is susceptible to Tum'ah.

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