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1. If a kosher salted fish was salted again together with a non- kosher fish that has not been salted, the kosher fish is still kosher.
2. A piece of meat must be salted well and washed well before it is cleaned from all of the blood that it contains.
3. The Gemara implies that the prohibition of eating chicken and milk cooked together is mid'Rabanan in nature.
4. The Mishnah states that the prohibition of cooking meat and milk together applies only to kosher meat and kosher milk.
5. There is a dispute about whether there is a Torah prohibition against cooking the meat of a kosher, undomesticated animal with dairy.


1. This is because the non-kosher fish that has not yet been salted is merely absorbing the flavor of the salt and not imparting its non-kosher taste to the rest of the mixture.
2. The Gemara proceeds to discuss the laws of kashering meat, including cases when the meat must first be washed, then salted, and then washed.
3. The Mishnah says that a person who brings chicken to the table together with cheese "does not transgress a negative (Torah) prohibition." The Gemara understands that this must mean that there is no concern that he might transgress a Torah prohibition and eat them together, because even if he cooked them together he does not transgress a Torah prohibition.
4. If the milk or meat is from a non-kosher animal, the Torah prohibition of cooking meat and milk has not been transgressed. (Obviously, it is still forbidden to be eaten, as it is a non- kosher item.)
5. Rebbi Akiva: There is no Torah prohibition. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili: There is a Torah prohibition. They agree that there is no Torah prohibition of cooking kosher fowl with dairy (but rather that prohibition is only mid'Rabanan).

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