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1. Rabah bar Rav Nachman used to honor Shabbos with fancy loaves of high quality bread.
2. It is forbidden to cut very hot food with a knife used to slaughter animals, even if the knife is cleaned.
3. There is a dispute about what must be done if this knife is used to cut cold food.
4. Wine is to drink as bread is to food.
5. If one cuts a radish with a meaty knife (even if it has not been used in the last 24 hours), he may not eat that radish with dairy.


1. When Rabah bar Rav Huna was an unexpected Shabbos guest at Rabah bar Rav Nachman's home, and he saw his host bring out these tremendous loaves of bread, he asked his host if he had known that he was coming such that he prepared such nice loaves. Rabah bar Rav Nachman replied, "You are not more special than Shabbos, and I knew that Shabbos was coming!"
2. This is because the area of slaughtering is considered boiling, and it is as if the knife absorbed boiling blood.
3. There is a dispute about whether or not the surface of the cold food must be washed after this knife is used to cut it. However, in general, it is clear that the food is permitted.
4. Just as a person who recites a blessing on bread does not have to recite a blessing on the rest of the foods that he eats as part of the meal, a person who recites a blessing on wine does not have to recite a blessing on any other drinks (during that meal).
5. This is because the sharpness of the radish causes the meat flavor in the knife to "reawaken" and go into the radish.

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