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1. If, while walking in a Karmelis on Shabbos, one realizes that the Tzitzis on one corner of his garment tore off, he is not obligated to take off his Talis immediately, because a person's honor supersedes an Isur d'Rabanan.
2. According to Rebbi, if a garment has Tzitzis without the white strings or without the Techeles, it is not a fulfillment of the Mitzvah of Tzitzis. The Chachamim disagree.
3. The white strings of the Tzitzis should be placed on the garment before the Techeles. However, if the order is reversed, the Mitzvah is fulfilled, even according to Rebbi.
4. Rami bar Chama says that if one has a four-cornered garment made from Techeles, he must put the Techeles strings on the garment first. Rava disagrees.
5. If the white strings or Techeles strings of Tzitzis partially snap off, if enough string remains to make a bow, it is valid.
6. If the strings of Tzitzis are very thick and one of the strings partially snaps off, if the remaining string is not long enough to make a bow because of its thickness, but had it been the ordinary thickness it would have made a bow, it is valid.


1. Although he is carrying the remaining, useless Tzitzis four cubits in a Karmelis, which is prohibited mid'Rabanan, he may continue walking until he gets home in order to avoid the great embarrassment of taking off a garment in a public area.
2. L'Chatchilah, there should be two white strings and two Techeles strings on each corner. However, if a garment has four white strings or four Techeles strings, the Mitzvah of Tzitzis is fulfilled, according to the Chachamim.
3. Although one failed to fulfill the Mitzvah of putting on the white strings first, it nevertheless is a fulfillment of the Mitzvah of both the Lavan and Techeles.
4. Even according to Rami bar Chama, if the white strings are placed on the garment first, he nevertheless fulfills the Mitzvah of both the Lavan and Techeles.
5. There is a Safek about whether there must be enough string to make a bow around all of the strings or on each string separately.
6. Thicker strings are more discernible than thinner strings. When they are of the length that thinner strings would be valid, the thicker strings certainly are valid.

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