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1. There was a stone in front of the Menorah with three steps. The Kohen stood on the stone when he prepared the Neros.
2. Shlomo ha'Melech made ten Menoros. He used 1,000 Kikaros of gold for each one, which depleted his entire supply of Zahav Sagur.
3. The Shulchan in the Beis ha'Mikdash was susceptible to Tum'ah. Even though a wooden utensil which is not transportable with all of its contents is not susceptible to Tum'ah, since the Shulchan was transported for the purpose of demonstrating Hashem's love for His people, it was susceptible to Tum'ah.
4. An Aron, Shulchan, and Menorah of fire descended from Heaven. Moshe Rabeinu used them as a model for making the respective Kelim.
5. Rebbi Yishmael says that Moshe Rabeinu had difficulty understanding the Menorah, Rosh Chodesh, and Sheratzim, until Hashem demonstrated them with His finger. According to another opinion, Moshe also had difficulty with the laws of Shechitah.
6. Every letter in Tefilin and Mezuzos must be surrounded by the parchment.
7. If the left leg of a letter Hei in Tefilin or Mezuzos is punctured, it is valid, but if the right leg is punctured, it is valid only if a Shi'ur of a small letter remains.
8. If the letter Vav in Tefilin or Mezuzos is cut short, a child who is neither a Chacham nor an imbecile should be summoned. If he reads it properly, it is valid.
9. Rav Ashi says that the scribes of Rav made a little mark on top of the letter Ches, and the left leg of the letter Hei was left hanging and was not connected to the top of the letter.
10. This world was created with the letter Hei, and the World to Come was created with the letter Yud.
11. Reish Lakish says that one who wishes to purify himself will be given help from above, and one who wishes to defile himself will be given an opening to do so.
12. If a Sefer Torah has three mistakes on each Daf, it may be repaired. If it has four mistakes on each Daf, it must be hidden away.


1. The Menorah was 18 Tefachim high: 9 Tefachim from the ground until the Kanim, and another 9 from the Kanim until the top of the Menorah.
2. He placed the gold in the furnace 1,000 times until 1,000 Kikaros were melted down to one Kikar.
3. The Shulchan was lifted up and shown to the Olei Regalim in order to demonstrate Hashem's love for His people through the miracle that occurred: The bread of the Lechem ha'Panim was just as hot when it was taken off the Shulchan as it was when it was placed on the Shulchan a week earlier.
4. Rebbi Yochanan says that the angel Gavriel wore a craftsmen's belt and demonstrated to Moshe Rabeinu how to make the Menorah.
5. Moshe had difficulty understanding how to make the Menorah, the appearance of the new moon at the time of the sanctification of the new month, and differentiating between a Sheretz Tamei and a Sheretz Tahor. According to one opinion, he had difficulty understanding exactly what constitutes a valid Shechitah.
6. If two letters in Tefilin or Mezuzah are attached to each other, they invalidate the Tefilin or Mezuzah.
7. However, if the left or right leg of the letter Ches is punctured, as long as there is a Shi'ur of a small letter remaining it is valid. If there is no Shi'ur of a small letter remaining, it is Pasul.
8. The child must be able to recognize and read the letters, but he cannot be so smart that he can understand the context and read the word without actually recognizing the letter.
9. The mark on top of the Ches symbolizes that Hashem is "Chai" and that His Shechinah resides in the heights of the world. The left leg of the Hei was left hanging to symbolize that one who repents has an extra opening through which to re-enter the world.
10. This world was created with the letter Hei in order to symbolize that the world is akin to a portico which is open on one side, and anyone who wants to leave is welcome to leave. The World to Come was created with the letter Yud in order to symbolize that there are few Tzadikim who will merit the World to Come.
11. One who wishes to purify himself and repent from his misdeeds requires help in his battle against the Yetzer ha'Ra, and therefore he is given special help from Heaven. One who wishes to defile himself is given an opening to do so but he is not helped in any way.
12. However, if there is even one Daf with fewer than four mistakes, even if all of the other Dafim have four or more mistakes, the Sefer Torah may be repaired.

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