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ERUVIN 91 - Dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. D. Kornfeld in honor of Dr. Zecharya Dorshav, wishing him Mazal and Berachah upon reaching the age of Gevuros. May he continue 'from strength to strength' until 120!


1. Rebbi relates how Rebbi Shimon's opinion used to be applied in a very practical fashion.
2. Rebbi Yehudah tried to prove Rebbi Shimon's position by relating how this (#1) was done with a Sefer Torah.
3. There is a dispute about when the opinion of Rebbi Shimon applies.
4. The Gemara notes that the opinion that Rebbi Shimon's law always applies leads to an interesting Halachic result.
5. Rebbi Shimon permits even carrying from the Chatzer to the Mavoy if all of the residents in the alleyway forgot to make an Eruv.


1. On Shabbos they used to carry oil and bath towels from roof to roof, Chatzer to Chatzer, etc., until they reached the bathing spring.
2. However, they explained to Rebbi Yehudah that this was done only at a time of danger and does not mean that it is generally permitted. Therefore, it cannot prove that the law follows the view of Rebbi Shimon.
3. Rav: It applies only when no Eruv was made. If an Eruv was made, then we are concerned that the people will also carry items that were in their houses at the onset of Shabbos into other yards, roofs, etc. Shmuel: Rebbi Shimon's opinion applies whether or not an Eruv was made.
4. There are two objects in a Chatzer. One of them was in the Chatzer at the onset of Shabbos, and thus it may be carried to roofs, Chatzeros, etc. The other object was in a house at the onset of Shabbos but was carried into the Chatzer during Shabbos. It may not be moved from there on Shabbos.
5. The Rabanan say that this is forbidden.

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