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ERUVIN 74 (17 Kislev) - Today's learning is dedicated in loving memory of Professor Dr. Eugene (Mordechai ben Aharon) Heimler, on his 15th yahrzeit, by his beloved wife, Miriam Bracha. May the Zechus of the Torah being learned around the world be an Iluy for his Neshamah.


1. Rav: A Korah or Lechi cannot permit carrying in a Mavoy unless there are houses and Chatzeros opening into the Mavoy.
2. Rav Yosef explains Rebbi Yochanan's statement that carrying in a Mavoy can be permitted with a Korah or Lechi even if it contains a ruin.
3. There is a dispute about the law that all courtyards, roofs, and Karpifos have the status of a single domain regarding vessels that were in them at the onset of Shabbos.
4. Rebbi Yochanan agrees with Shmuel that they are all considered one domain, whether or not the owners made an Eruv.
5. The Mavoy of Eivus bar Ihi was subject to the dispute between Rav and Shmuel (see #1).


1. Shmuel argues and says that even if there is only one house and one Chatzer opening into a Mavoy, a Korah or Lechi permits carrying in the Mavoy.
2. Rebbi Yochanan specifically refers to a Mavoy that contains a ruin that is suitable to be used as a house, as opposed to a Mavoy that contains only a vineyard.
3. Rav: This is the law only when the residents of the courtyards did not make an Eruv. The Chachamim decreed that if the residents made an Eruv, then these areas cannot be considered all one domain since the owners might end up carrying from their houses into their courtyard (and their houses certainly are not considered one domain with the courtyards). Shmuel: They are one area whether or not their owners made an Eruv to permit carrying from their houses into the courtyard.
4. Rebbi Yochanan maintains that no decree was made in this case to render the courtyards separate domains from the roofs and Karpifos. Rav Huna says that Rebbi Yochanan similarly does not worry that a person will carry from the Chatzer to a Mavoy to get to a ruin (see #2).
5. His alleyway was originally permitted by Shmuel, since it did have a house and a Chatzer opening into it. However, after Shmuel died, Rav Anan the son of Rav knocked down the Lechi, in accordance with the law according to his father (that such a Mavoy cannot be permitted with a Lechi).

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