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1. The Gemara explains the issues involved when a Jew rents the domain from a Nochri living in his Chatzer.
2. The Gemara explains what kind of rental is necessary.
3. The Gemara explains at length why the enactment that a Jew must rent possession from the Nochri in the Chatzer is considered a penalty.
4. Even a rental for less than a Perutah (the lowest denomination of coin) suffices for a transaction with a Nochri.
5. The Gemara mentions three different ways to rule, or not rule, regarding certain laws.


1. While a Nochri is not considered to share the ownership of the Chatzer, the Chachamim did not want a Jew to live in the same Chatzer as a Nochri in order that he should not learn from his ways, and therefore they made the Jew rent possession from the Nochri (to deter the Jew from living there). Rebbi Meir understands that this decree was made only for two or more Jews living with a Nochri in the same Chatzer, as it is uncommon that only one Jew would live with a Nochri. (Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov says that the decree applies even to one Jew.)
2. Rav Chisda: It must be a real rental so that the Nochri understands the Jew can fill the Chatzer with benches if he chooses to do so. Rav Sheshes: He can assure the Nochri that he is not going to use the Chatzer more than usual.
3. The Nochri will not want to rent out possession of the Chatzer, since he does not want to rent out his domain. Even if the rental is largely ceremonial (see #2), the Nochri likely will not agree to it, since he might suspect that the deal has something to do with witchcraft (as it appears strange to him).
4. Accordingly, one may rent the Chatzer from the Nochri for even less than a Perutah.
5. These are: To teach the law publicly, not to teach it publicly but to rule this way privately when asked, and the third is not to rule this way at all (even privately) but not to protest if a person conducts himself in accordance with this law.

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