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1. The Tana Kama discusses the case of a person who places an Eruv outside his city and close to (but not inside) another city.
2. The law is different in the case of a person who places his Eruv in a neighboring city.
3. Rebbi Akiva argues that an Eruv Techumin never extends more than exactly 2,000 Amos.
4. There is a dispute about when the presence of a Nochri resident in the Chatzer invalidates an Eruv and prevents the Jews from carrying in Chatzer.
5. Raban Gamliel: A Jewish heretic does not have the status of a Nochri with regard to an Eruv.


1. The Tana Kama understands that if the second city is small and within 2,000 Amos from his Eruv, the city is considered like four Amos when measuring his Techum. However, if his 2,000 Amos end in a large city, the entire city is not measured as four Amos, and his Techum ends in the middle of the large city.
2. Whether the neighboring city is large or small, it is considered like four Amos when measuring his Techum, just as the entirety area of an ordinary city in which one resides on Shabbos is considered just four Amos with regard to one's Techum Shabbos.
3. Accordingly, whether the Eruv is in a city or not, it extends only 2,000 Amos, even if this means the Eruv ends in the middle of a city.
4. Tana Kama: If a Nochri lives in a Chatzer, the Jewish residents must rent from him his domain in order to enable them to carry from their houses into the Chatzer. Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov: This is necessary only when two or more Jews live in the Chatzer. If only one Jew lives there, he may carry into the Chatzer without renting the Nochri's domain.
5. One is required to rent a Nochri's domain in the Chatzer in order to make an Eruv and permit carrying there. However, a Jewish heretic may do what other Jews do; i.e., he may nullify his portion of the Chatzer in order to enable others to carry there.

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