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1. Rabah: If two events cannot take place consecutively, they also cannot take place simultaneously.
2. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who brought a Korban Todah along with 80 loaves instead of 40 loaves.
3. The Beraisa states that (when traveling) one has a 2,000-Amah Techum only when he says that he states that his place of Shabbos residence is in a walled area.
4. One may have his friend designate his place of residence for Shabbos, even though he is not familiar with that place himself.
5. The Gemara supports Shmuel's position from a Beraisa.


1. The Gemara questions whether Rabah's principle is correct.
2. When the person said that only 40 of the 80 should be holy, everyone agrees that his words take effect. When he said that even 40 should not be holy unless all 80 become holy, everyone agrees that his words do not take effect. The dispute is in a case in which he made do conditions.
3. In order to have a Techum of 2,000 Amos, the area in which establishes his Shabbos residence must be either made for residential living or less than a Beis Se'asayim in size. If he states merely that his resting place for Shabbos should be in a certain area which is not a walled area (or an area that has such a status, such as an elevated mound), he does not receive an extension of 2,000 Amos.
4. If two people are traveling and one of them knows of an area in the distance that would prove advantageous for them to designate as their resting place for Shabbos, the one who does not know about that place may designate as his resting place the place which his friend designated.
5. The Gemara says that although the Beraisa supports the view of Shmuel, Rav is entitled to argue with the Tana of the Beraisa because Rav has the status of a Tana.

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