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ERUVIN 26 (23 Nisan) - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas the father of Mr. Avy Reichman Z'L of Queens, NY, Dovid ben Avraham Z'L, by Avy's children.


1. A wall built to shade workers is not considered a wall made for dwelling.
2. The Gemara discusses what Yeshayah the prophet was doing at the entrance of the palace of Chizkiyahu.
3. There is a dispute about what exactly is meant by the concept of a person nullifying his portion of a yard.
4. The Gemara explains the difference between the two opinions regarding nullification (#3).
5. It is permissible to use almost all food and drink for Eruv Chatzeros and Shituf Mavo'os.


1. Although such a wall -- if it surrounds an area of 70 by 70 Amos or more -- does not allow carrying within it, it is considered a wall to form a Reshus ha'Yachid. Therefore, one who throws, from Reshus ha'Rabim, an object into the area surrounded by such a wall is liable.
2. Rabah bar bar Chanah says that he organized a number of Torah scholars to learn Torah there so that the angel of death could not come to take Chizkiyahu who was sick at the time. The Gemara dismisses this idea, saying that it would be counterproductive, as it would merely spur on the angel of death (see Rashi).
3. Rebbi Eliezer: It means that he is withdrawing completely from his portion of the yard or from his house in the yard. Rabanan: He merely withdraws from his portion in the yard, but not from his house.
4. According to Rebbi Eliezer, if five people have houses in one yard and one of them forgot to make an Eruv, that person may nullify his portion in the yard to one of the other residents, and it is considered nullified to everyone else in the yard. According to the Rabanan, he must nullify his portion in the yard to everyone in the yard individually.
5. The exceptions are water and salt. This law also applies to buying food items with money of Ma'aser Sheni.

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