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1. There is a dispute about how convenient sitting in a vegetable garden must be in order for it to be called a Reshus ha'Yachid.
2. Rav Nachman advises how to convert walls (around a large area) that were not erected for residential purposes into walls that are made for residential purposes.
3. The Gemara says that Rav Nachman's advice may be followed (#2) in increments.
4. The law of a backyard that is more than 70 by 70 Amos depends on whether there is a direct entrance from the house.
5. The Gemara discusses the law in a case of a large yard made for dwelling which became flooded.


1. Avimi: The vegetables must be planted in neat rows that enable people to sit comfortably in the garden. Rav Nachman: This is not required.
2. One should knock down more than ten Amos of width from one of the walls, causing the area to be considered open and unwalled. He should then reconstruct that wall for the purpose of living within the area, causing the area to be considered enclosed for residential purposes.
3. In other words, if the person does not want to make such a large gap in his wall at once, he may break one Amah of wall, build it back for the purpose of dwelling, and keep doing so for more than Amos worth of width in the wall. This method also causes the area to be considered enclosed for residential purposes.
4. If there is a direct entrance from the house into the yard, it is considered part of the house and one may carry in it, regardless of its size. If there is no direct entrance from the house, one may not carry more than four Amos at one time, if it is slightly larger than 70 by 70 Amos.
5. The Gemara discusses whether one may carry there based on certain qualifications, such as if the water is usable as drinking water. According to Ameimar, this permits carrying there.

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