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ERUVIN 64 (2 Sivan) - This Daf has been dedicated in memory of Harry Bernard Zuckerman, Baruch Hersh ben Yitzchak (and Miryam Toba), by his children and sons-in-law.

ERUVIN 64 (7 Kislev) - Dedicated l'Zecher Nishmat Avraham Yehoshua Heschel ben Yehuda ha'Cohen Hauser who passed away on 7 Kislev 5748, by his grandchildren, Miriam, Josh, Tamar and Shlomo.


1. If a Jew living in the Chatzer convinces the Nochri to let him put something down in his Chatzer, the Nochri's presence no longer forbids the Jew from carrying in the Chatzer.
2. If one drinks a Revi'is of wine, he should not rule on Halachic matters.
3. The Gemara says that one should not Daven when drunk.
4. The Gemara gives advice to people who receive a large amount of money in an unusual fashion.
5. One should not pass by food that is on the floor.


1. In other words, the other Jews in the Chatzer do not have to rent the Nochri's domain anymore, since the Jew who received permission is considered (for the purpose of the laws of Eruv) as the employee of the Nochri who is giving them permission to use the domain on his behalf. (There is a dispute about whether one must actually rent the domain from this Jew.)
2. The Gemara notes that Rav Nachman seemingly argued that this is incorrect (see Tosfos).
3. The Gemara says that if one was drunk but was clearheaded enough to talk smoothly before a king, his obligation of prayer was fulfilled. If he was not clearheaded to this degree, his prayer is considered an abomination.
4. The Gemara is referring to a person who seized the ownerless property of a wealthy convert who died without heirs, inherited his wife, or found a treasure. The Gemara says that he should buy a Sefer Torah with some of the money. In the merit of this acquisition there will be blessing in the rest of the money as well.
5. The Gemara says that an exception to this is if a whole loaf is on the floor and one does not know how it got there. He should not pick it up as it could have been put there by a witch who cast a spell over it that will injure the one who picks it up.

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