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1. A Kohen may wash his hands and feet from any Kli Shares, even if it contains less than a Revi'is.
2. Very watery mud, from which a cow would drink, may be used to complete the Shi'ur of a Mikvah and the Shi'ur of a Revi'is of water for Netilas Yadayim.
3. Anything created from water may be used for a Mikvah.
4. Fruit juice and fish brine may not be used to complete the Shi'ur of a Mikvah which contains less than forty Se'ah. If the Mikvah contains forty Se'ah, it may be used even if a Se'ah of water was subsequently removed from the Mikvah.
5. A Se'ah of water may be continuously removed from a Mikvah and replaced with a Se'ah of fruit juice until the Mikvah is made up of a majority fruit juice.
6. The insides of a Korban must be washed in water, but not in wine, even if it is diluted.
7. Rebbi Yishmael maintains that the Kiyor contains spring water. The Chachamim maintain that it contains other types of water.
8. An uncircumcised Kohen and a Kohen who is a heretic may not do the Avodah.
9. If a Kohen Tamei does the Avodah, the Avodah is Pasul.
10. According to the Ziknei Darom, if a Kohen who is Tamei Mes does the Avodah, it is valid b'Di'eved.
11. According to the Ziknei Darom, if one who is Tamei Sheretz or Tamei Mes sends his Korban Pesach to the Azarah, he fulfills his obligation and there is no need for him to bring a Korban Pesach Sheni.


1. However, since the Kiyor must contain at least enough water for four Kohanim, the Kli Shares must be inserted partially into the Kiyor. The water in the Kli Shares must be connected to the water of the Kiyor.
2. If the mud is so thick that a cow would not drink from it, the mud may not be used for a Mikvah or for Netilas Yadayim.
3. It may be used for the entire Shi'ur of the Mikvah. Even the eye of a fish, which dissolves, may be used for the Mikvah, since it is created from water.
4. Since the fruit juice or fish brine was Batel when it was poured into the Mikvah, even if subsequently a Se'ah of water was removed from the Mikvah and the fruit juice now completes the Shi'ur of the Mikvah, the Mikvah is valid.
5. The Mikvah is valid if it is half-comprised of fruit juice. If it has a majority of fruit juice, it is invalid, even though the fruit juice was poured into the Mikvah when it already contained forty Se'ah.
6. It may be washed in any type of water, even drawn water.
7. According to the Chachamim, the Kiyor may contain even drawn water.
8. If they do the Avodah, it is Pasul.
9. A Kohen who does the Avodah while he is Tamei is Chayav Misah.
10. Since Tum'as Mes is permitted for a Korban Tzibur, it is valid b'Di'eved even for a Korban Yachid.
11. Although a Tamei Mes may not eat the Korban Pesach, according to the Ziknei Darom the failure to eat the Korban Pesach does not affect the Kashrus of the Korban. Although l'Chatchilah a Tamei Mes must wait for Pesach Sheni, if he sends the Korban on Erev Pesach and it is brought by the Kohanim, he fulfills his obligation b'Di'eved.

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