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1. Any Korban slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah is Kosher, but the owner does not fulfill his obligation. He must being a replacement.
2. A Korban Chatas and Korban Pesach are exceptions. If either one was slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah, it is Pasul. Rebbi Elazar says that a Korban Asham is also an exception.
3. Yosi ben Choni says that if other Korbanos are slaughtered l'Shem Chatas or l'Shem Pesach, they are Pasul.
4. Shimon, the brother of Azaryah, says that if a Korban is slaughtered l'Shem a Korban which is of higher sanctity, it is Kosher, but if it is of lower sanctity it is Pasul.
5. If an Olah is slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah, it is forbidden to sprinkle the blood she'Lo Lishmah.
6. If a Korban is slaughtered Stam, it is Kosher.
7. A Get must be written Lishmah. A Get written Stam is Pasul.
8. If a Korban is slaughtered Lishmah and she'Lo Lishmah, or she'Lo Lishmah and Lishmah, it is Pasul.
9. Rebbi Yosi says that the Beis Din stipulated that a person shall not say that he is bringing a Korban Lishmah. There is a concern that he might say that he is bringing it she'Lo Lishmah.
10. If a man hears a scribe writing a Get and calling out "Ploni is divorcing Plonis," even if he and his wife have those names, he may not use that Get.


1. For example, if an Olah was slaughtered l'Shem Shelamim, the Korban is Kosher. The blood shall be sprinkled Lishmah, and the Eimurim shall be burned on the Mizbe'ach Lishmah.
2. A Korban Pesach is Pasul if it was slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah on Erev Pesach in the afternoon. If it was slaughtered before or after that time, it is considered a Shelamim, not a Pesach, and it is Kosher if slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah.
3. If a Korban is slaughtered l'Shem Pesach on Erev Pesach in the afternoon, it is Pasul. If it was slaughtered any other time, it is Kosher.
4. If Kodshei Kodashim are slaughtered l'Shem Kodshei Kalim, it is Pasul. The reverse is Kosher. If a Bechor or Ma'aser is slaughtered l'Shem Shelamim, it is Kosher. The reverse is Pasul.
5. If the blood is sprinkled she'Lo Lishmah, the Korban is Kosher.
6. A Korban is designated for the purpose of bringing it Lishmah. Thus, Stam is the same as Lishmah.
7. Stam is not considered Lishmah for a Get. A woman is not designated for divorce. If it is written Stam, it is Pasul.
8. The case of "Lishmah and she'Lo Lishmah" is "l'Shem Pesach and l'Shem Shelamim." The case of "she'Lo Lishmah and Lishmah" is "l'Shem Shelamim and l'Shem Pesach."
9. A Korban is Kosher if it is brought Stam. Therefore, it is better to bring it Stam so that it will not be brought she'Lo Lishmah.
10. Rav Papa explains that the scribe is teaching his students how to write a Get. Since it was not written for the purpose of being used as a Get, it is not Kosher.

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