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1. The 42 cities of the Leviyim served as cities of refuge.
2. The six main cities of refuge were medium-sized cities.
3. If a student is exiled, his Rebbi is exiled along with him.
4. If a Rebbi is exiled, his students are exiled along with him.
5. The words of Torah serve as a refuge from the angel of death.
6. A person who learns alone will forget the Torah that he learns.
7. A Talmid Chacham should make an effort to teach many students.
8. There were signs by the crossroads pointing to the cities of refuge.
9. If a person kills without witnesses, Hashem arranges for him to receive his just punishment.
10. Rav Huna says, if a relative of the victim kills the murderer while he is on the way to the city of refuge, the relative is Patur.
11. There is a disagreement between Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Asi whether a city without any Elders may serve as a city of refuge.


1. The six principle cities of refuge served as a refuge even for murderers who did not enter the city specifically for that purpose. The cities of the Leviyim, however, served as refuge only for murderers who came in order to find refuge.
2. The cities should not be too small, in order that the murderers easily find all of their needs there. They also should not be too big, in order that the Go'el ha'Dam not be able to enter clandestinely and kill the murderer there.
3. Learning Torah is a basic need, and therefore this need must be provided for the student in the city of refuge. Consequently, a Rav should not teach a student who does not act in a proper manner, lest the Rav end up having to follow his student into exile.
4. Torah serves as a refuge only while one is engaged in learning.
5. Rav Chisda was learning Torah. The angel of death did not have power over him until he made a noise which caused Rav Chisda to stop learning for a moment.
6. A Talmid Chacham who learns by himself will become foolish, and he will also come to sin.
7. Rav said, "I learned a lot of Torah from my teachers, and even more Torah from my friends, but I learned the most Torah from my students."
8. Hashem is Tov and Yashar. Therefore, He shows the way even for Resha'im.
9. One person killed b'Shogeg, and another killed b'Mezid, but there were no witnesses for either murder. Hashem arranges that they come to the same inn, and the person who killed b'Shogeg falls off a ladder in front of witnesses and kills the person who killed b'Mezid.
10. However, the Tana'im and the Tana of one Beraisa disagree.
11. The same disagreement applies also to the laws of a Ben Sorer u'Moreh and Ir ha'Nidachas.

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