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SANHEDRIN 96 (30 Tishrei) - dedicated by Reb Mordechai Rabin (London/Yerushalayim) l'Iluy Nishmas his father, ha'Gaon Rav Gedalya Rabinowitz of Manchester, England (and in his later years, Bnei Brak, Israel). Hearing a Shiur from Reb Gedalya was an unforgettable experience as can be attested to by his many Talmidim, both Bnei Yeshiva and Ba'alei Batim.


1. Sancheriv found a plank from the ark of Noach and made it into an idol.
2. When Avraham Avinu was chasing the four kings, he weakened upon reaching Dan.
3. Nevuchadnetzar conquered the entire world as reward for the four steps that he took to honor Hashem.
4. The day that the wicked King Achaz died was only two hours long, so that there would be no time for eulogies.
5. Nevuchadnetzar sent Nevuzar'adan brought three hundred mules loaded with special axes to break into the city of Yerushalayim. He broke all of them on but one of its gates.
6. Nevuzar'adan slaughtered 940,000 people over the bubbling blood of Zecharyah. It would not stop bubbling until he threatened to kill everyone left in Yerushalayim.
7. The descendants of Sisra taught Torah in Yerushalayim. The descendants of Sancheriv taught Torah in public. The descendants of Haman taught Torah in Bnei Brak.


1. He vowed to bring his two sons as a Korban to the Avodah Zarah. His two sons found out and killed him.
2. Avraham Avinu foresaw that his descendants would establish an Avodah Zarah in Dan and it caused him to become weak.
3. If a Rasha receives such great reward for a relatively insignificant Mitzvah, then certainly Tzadikim will receive much greater reward for the Mitzvos that they do.
4. The ten hours were returned later, on the day that Chizkiyahu was healed from his illness and it was a 22-hour day.
5. A Bas Kol called out: "It is time for the Mikdash to be destroyed and for the Heichal to be burned." Nevuzar'adan had one axe left. He struck the gate of Yerushalayim with the back end of the axe and it swung open.
6. Nevuzar'adan thought to himself, "If the Jewish people are punished so severely for the murder of one person, then certainly I will be punished immensely for everyone I killed." He sent a will to his family and he went and became a Ger.
7. Shemayah and Avtalyon descended from Sancheriv. The descendants of Nevuchadnetzar wanted to become Gerim but the Mal'achei ha'Shares said to Hashem, "The one who destroyed Your house and burned Your Heichal will be allowed to enter under the wings of the Shechinah?"

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