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1. The astrologers informed Sancheriv that if he wants to successfully capture Yerushalayim he must capture it on the very day he arrived at its gates.
2. Sancheriv decided to delay the capture of Yerushalayim until the next day. That night, an angel wiped out his entire army.
3. Hashem Yisbarach said to David ha'Melech, "Until when will you carry responsibility for the sin of killing Nov, the city of Kohanim, and for the deaths of Do'eg, Shaul and his three sons?"
4. It is forbidden to ride on the horse of the king, to sit on his throne or to use his scepter.
5. Three people merited Kefitzas ha'Derech: Avishai, Eliezer (Avraham's slave) and Yakov Avinu.
6. When Yakov finished praying in Beis El he wanted to return to Charan immediately. However, the sun set suddenly.
7. If Evyasar had not escaped from the city of Nov, the descendants of David ha'Melech would have been completely wiped out.
8. The angel slayed 185,000 leaders from the army of Sancheriv, along with all of their troops.
8. Very few of the troops of Sancheriv were spared by the angel.


1. The punishment for the sin of the massacre of Nov, the city of Kohanim, was due to expire on that day. Therefore, if Sancheriv would not capture Yerushalayim on that day, he would never succeed in capturing it.
2. This supports the common saying that if a Din is delayed overnight, the disagreement will dissipate.
3. David ha'Melech was given a choice of punishment: to be given over to his enemies, or to have his children wiped out. David chose to be given over to his enemy. However, a miracle occurred and he escaped.
4. However, at a time of danger it is permitted.
5. Yakov traveled from Be'er Sheva to Charan. When he reached Charan he said, "Is it possible that I passed the place where my forefathers prayed and yet I failed to pray there?" He decided to return to Beis El. He merited Kefitzas ha'Derech and reached it immediately.
6. Hashem said, "Is it possible that a Tzadik arrived at my inn and he will depart without sleeping over?" Hashem thus caused the sun to set two hours early.
7. David ha'Melech changed his mind and decided to accept the punishment of the decimation of his children as punishment for the decimation of Nov, the city of Kohanim. Since one Kohen escaped from Nov, one of David's descendants was also spared.
8. Rebbi Eliezer says that the angel wiped them out with his hand. Rebbi Yehoshua says that the angel wiped them out with his finger.
9. Rav says ten troops were spared. Shmuel says nine were spared. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi says fourteen were spared. Rebbi Yochanan says five troops were spared. Sancheriv and his two sons were spared along with Nevuzar'adan and Nevuchadnetzar.

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